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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

When you enter a phrase (such as “Darwen Web Design”) in a search engine (such as google) and hit ‘Enter’ you will find a list of websites. Websites which are located in the top positions are those which have undergone Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Website Optimisation. Our Search Engine Optimisation Packages will ensure that your website ranks highly in the search engine results and ultimately, gains new customers for your business.

Why should your business invest in SEO?

  • Getting a high ranking in the search engines is now a must for any successful business. Having a great website will not gain you any traffic unless potential new customers can find it – our SEO packages will ensure that your website is found.
  • A higher ranking in search engines, such as google, means more visitors to your website which leads to an increase in sales/new customers.
  • Most of your potential new customers turn to search engines first – how did you reach our website? most likely via a search engine.
  • Your most successful competitors are investing in it. If you haven’t got an SEO campaign in place, you’re losing ground to a competitor who has. Try it for yourself – enter a phrase into google which best meets your field of work/business, such as “plumbers Darwen”, “printing companies Bolton”. Those ranking in the top positions will be generating traffic to their website and new customers.
  • If you invest in SEO now and gain a high ranking you can continue to receive traffic from it even after you’ve stopped spending time & money on it.

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